The Struggle is Real: Episode 1

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How I ended up here

When I decided to start my multimedia design course two years ago, I was strongly convinced my future would be a career in graphic design - not technical at all. I never saw it coming, and never thought I would be doing anything techy. But then I got introduced to coding and a bit of programming. And I definitely did not think this was funny at first, it was like learning a new language or rather three, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It was all very overwhelming and terrifying.

I immediately thought to myself, this is not something I would like to get involved with - this is pretty scary and maybe I will die!… but I didn’t of course. And then I realised after tasting and nipping to it a couple of times, that it gave me some sort of a satisfaction when I solved a coding obstacle. So I decided to give this coding thingy another chance and try not to get so frightened, and also because I want to prove, that you don’t have to have played World of Warcraft or other quite male dominated games, to create and develop awesome stuff.

This target has led me to where I am now, in London doing an awesome internship with awesome guys

About four weeks ago I arrived in London from Denmark to start my internship at Silicon Rhino, whom I came in contact with via LinkedIn and mutual connections. I have known for quite a while that I wanted to go back to London to do my internship, and maybe more than that, as this city is a great place to be in as so much stuff and events are happening within the tech world. I wanted to be in a smaller company and preferable newly started, as I see it as an opportunity to try out different stuff and gain skills within not just one very specific area. I haven’t yet regretted this wish.

The first couple of intro weeks has been beyond expectations. I clearly remember how nervous I was just before i started the job. I kept thinking: what if I don’t live up to their expectations - I am so new to this field and do I know enough? But the guys made me feel so welcome, by being so down to earth, by telling me they know I am an intern and I am there to learn and develop. And they made sure to do some fun stuff in the lunch breaks as bowling games, which I won big. And that’s of course a big lie, I lost embarrassing big with a score of 40. They also make me feel as much as part of the team as everyone else, and not “just as an intern”, they always ask my opinion regarding testing, design and communication.

We are ready!! #fridayfunday

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I am really looking forward to this internship and I know I will learn so many things and at times think that everything is just pure rubbish. I have just started and the technologies evolve constantly, so I ask myself often if I would ever be able to follow through, and because of the evolution I always feel that the technologies I have just started to understand are almost outdated before you can spell “cascading style sheet”. That’s something I have to get over and embrace, it will always be like that in this crazy evolving world of programming and technology.

I will post more about my frustrating but also very amazing time as an intern. So stay tuned - the struggle gets even more real, when I start to learn more complex coding!


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