Intern to Dev: Episode 1

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Where my journey began

This series is about my journey from intern to dev with all its challenges, but more importantly some invaluable experiences along the way. It is very difficult to put into words all of the valuable knowledge that I've gained from my time with Silicon Rhino... I'll do my best to share my experience and growth throughout this time. To put it into context I'll start from the very beginning.

When I started interning at Silicon Rhino (almost a year ago now), I had just finished my first year at London South Bank University, where I am studying Computer science - just starting to think about my career and what I want to be doing for the foreseeable future. With it being my first job interview in the tech industry, I wasn't confident and at all aware of what would be expected of me. When I'd gotten the call to say I had been chosen, to say I was ecstatic would be an understatement! I was aware of the requirements, which stipulated that a graduate would be preferred; this made it feel like a shot in the dark.

On my first day I was incredibly nervous, having never worked in an office environment and also meeting my new colleagues (I don't know why I was so nervous- the whole team is lovely). Despite those feelings, the team made it a seamless transition into the workplace, welcoming me with my first task. I struggled a lot with that first task (creating a simple web application which retrieves data from an API and displays that information in a meaningful way) and soon realised the difference between learning the theory and knowing when to apply it. The 8 weeks flew by far too quickly for my liking. In that time I was able to learn a range of different things - from web development, to application testing and seeing the development process of mobile apps (the stuff we learn about in uni but with hands on experience). I found this to be most beneficial going into my second year, as I was able to use and apply what I had learnt in my internship to my coursework.

Just as my internship was about to end, Roger called me over to have a meeting. It was then when he asked me if I would like to carry on working at Silicon Rhino part time - and of course I said yes. This was the beginning of an exciting journey as a part of the incredible team at Silicon Rhino.

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