Our story

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We are a London-based development team who specialise in developing minimum viable products and complex systems. We utilise our knowledge of the startup ecosystem to aid customers with the challenges that come with such an endeavour, and spend the time ensuring a high level of quality on every project. All of our work is performed by us, and our team are all based in the UK.

It all started with our love of code. After meeting at a previous job, we have been developing our careers for the last 5 years. We've been entrepreneurs, CTO's and product leaders. We have launched Blogging platforms, worked with some of the biggest news websites in the UK, and developed many successful business strategies.

Meet the team below!

Roger Planes

Originally from Barcelona, Roger moved to London in 2010 equipped with a degree in Computer Science from the UAB. He quickly found his passion in entrepreneurism. With a vision to re-invent the blogging experience Roger lived between San Francisco and London building and designing his venture, Glipho.

His experience as a founder sparked his passion for helping others balancing business and product development.

Roger has been a Nintendo fan since he discovered Mario at 5 years old. Forget about beer, it's all about Red Wine (Rioja) and cooking food.

Roger Planes Roger Planes Roger Planes
Phil Hardy

Phil grew up with technology and had an interest from an early age. This led him to a degree in Computing, which he graduated from with first class honours.

While the others were launching ventures, Phil focused on architecting and developing a highly available automated video production system. Not for the faint of heart. He then worked on his project management qualities by leading the development of a content marketing focused CMS.

Phil is all about Beers (IPA all the way), gaming, and he is the official silicon rhino BBQ host (and we love him for that).

Phil Hardy Phil Hardy Phil Hardy
Mark Hartley

From the Great Southern Land, Mark has been involved with the London startup scene since 2012 helping entrepreneurs through KPMG's start-up team.

Finally succumbing to getting his hands dirty, Mark brings his expertise in all things startup...

As an all rounder, Mark enjoys beer & wine but is truly the coffee snob in the team, which makes him the perfect drinking buddy. From cricket to anime, Mark's wide range of interests is vast, though still hasn't decided on a football team to support.

Mark Hartley Mark Hartley Mark Hartley
Fie Jelved

Fie is a true Scandi, with a love for design and the colour black. Though not exactly your typical viking, she loves warm weather, sparkling water and prefer half pints.

She has a background in communications, but decided to move into a different area and become a coder due to her belief that tech and design are soulmates, and one can’t live with out the other. Nowadays you can find her working on front end projects, specialising in design through to prototyping & implementation.

Fie Jelved Fie Jelved Fie Jelved
Anthony Hinchliff

Hailing from sunny Queensland, Australia, Anthony was drawn to London for its entrepreneurial culture and vibrant tech scene. He has had a passion for ‘start-ups’ since stumbling across TechCrunch in high school

Before falling in love with web development, Anthony satisfied his entrepreneurial spirit by running a backpacker hostel and by running and working on multiple side projects. Like any good Australian, he enjoys a cold beer and is yet to find any enjoyment from the British hand pumped ales.

Anthony Hinchliff
Alberto Mercado

Alberto had his first encounter with computers more than 20 years ago while playing Duke Nukem 3D in a 486 DOS PC. After compiling his very first PC program in C, he has always been fond of coding. During his BSc in Electrical Eng., he coded for PCs in C++, for PLCs in LD, FBD and IL and even for 8051s in Assembler!

Fast forward to the present, with a MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems, he is passionate about renewable energy tech startups.

Alberto is a bit of a geek and a huge fan of TLoZelda but also enjoys dancing to old-school Salsa music and drinking good rum, although he often settles for a lager.

Alberto Mercado Alberto Mercado
Denis Udovcic

Coming from Croatia, Denis dropped out of college to focus on what he realised is his true passion - programming, which led him on a path to joining us. He's obsessed with constant learning and improving in every aspect each day.

Once a hardcore enthusiast for competitive gaming, now he just plays Mario Kart on our Friday office hangouts. He was all about the whiskys until he moved to London to favor IPA's.

Denis Udovcic Denis Udovcic