How we work

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The journey may seem daunting, but we're here to help every step of the way. We work closely with each client, maintaining an open channel of communication through to launch and beyond. Think of us as a partner on your journey.

Getting Started

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During Development

We automate infrastructure and deployment

For improved system stability, we believe in automation of infrastructure across both testing and production environments. Where possible we endeavour to implement this at all times.

We create a dedicated testing environment

To really test software to its limits it's necessary to have an environment away from production, allowing you to play, test and delete without impacting on the rest of your business.

Software isn't tied to our services

We understand you may eventually want to take software development in house. For this reason we design and configure systems in such a way that they can be taken in house at any point from completion of the project.

We show regular small updates

In order to keep projects on track and allow us to adapt quickly, we keep the feedback loop short with regular small updates.

After Development

We provide a free bug fixing period

Every project we take on comes complete with a period of free bug fixes.

We continue to advise

Our help doesn't stop when we've completed development - we're available to help, advise and mentor you for the next stages of your journey.