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NextJs, Typescript, AWS, Node JS, Python, OpenAI


We started our first Artificial Intelligence (AI) project, focused on addressing the long-standing inefficiencies in transcription services. Our comprehensive research, feedback, and user interviews across various industries have universally highlighted the costly, inefficient, and labour-intensive nature of the current transcription processes. Generative AI also enabled the ability to address underrepresented languages that existing models had previously overlooked.

With these insights and the power of AI, we are set on changing and revolutionising transcription services, making them more efficient, affordable, and user-friendly. Our mission is to enhance industry standards and exceed expectations.


With the significant advancements in AI technology, we recognised an opportunity to create a valuable tool designed to assist professionals who frequently engage in transcription. Our aim was to develop a fast, user-friendly platform solely dedicated to efficient file transcription, while also incorporating additional features requested during the beta testing period later down the line.

Following positive feedback and validation of, we confidently launched it for public use. Our dedicated marketing and growth initiatives caught the attention of AI-focused sites, leading to further promotion and recognition of the utility and effectiveness of our tool.

Even though the technology and tool aren't novel, our proactive approach in addressing a clear issue stands out. The team at Silicon Rhino remains unwavering in our commitment to consistently enhance the speed, accuracy, and technological edge of, ensuring it remains a leading solution in the transcription space.

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At Silicon Rhino, we didn’t stop at just employing OpenAI technology. Our team did  numerous tests and explorations to boost transcription speed. Through relentless effort and fine-tuning, we can now transcribe a 1 hour video, even featuring multiple speakers, in less than 5 minutes.


We have rigorously explored various methods to guarantee that the accuracy of transcriptions is of the utmost quality, recognising that the output is the pivotal element in the transcription process.


We have enhanced our technology to support transcription in over 70 languages. This not only benefits those transcribing in English but also extends utility to individuals across numerous countries, catering to a diverse array of languages and ensuring our tool is beneficial on a global scale.


We implemented and made a lot of effort in ensuring that all files on are safe and secure. 


We have innovated a Pay-as-you-transcribe pricing model, aiming to eliminate the restraints often experienced with traditional package-based plans. Our endeavour is to empower users by offering them the flexibility to transcribe at their own convenience, ensuring that they can augment their credit at any desired moment. This strategic move has been informed by our observations that most individuals, who incorporate transcription into their professional tasks, do not engage in this activity on a constant and consistent basis.