UX & UI Design

Having worked with companies of all sizes and stages, we understand how to approach digital product design in a way that will work for you.

Whether you need a simple and easy-to-use MVP interface, or a complete overhaul of your product’s look & feel, we approach every project with the care it needs, including seeking out efficiencies when it comes to implementing the build.


From wireframes to clickable prototypes, our team can help in all the stages of a design project, no matter how big or small.


A wireframe is a low-fidelity mockup of your project focusing on information hierarchy and the functionalities available to users. This is a crucial stage to establish your key user journeys.

UX Design

How does a new system or new feature work? How many steps will the user need to take to achieve their goal? The aim is to design an application that is functional and easy to use.

UI Design

Once it’s clear how everything should work it’s time to apply some colour and style to the user interface, to give it some personality and reflect your brand.


A prototype connects the various screens and actions of the UI design to demonstrate the final user flow of your product.

This enables user testing before any code is written, to allow for changes in scope at the start of the process. Doing so ensures the final build will be closer to the user's expectations while avoiding overheads.

Our expertise

Mobile apps

Designing for the small screen

Designing a mobile app has its own intricacies, from good practice iOS and Android interface design to understanding the subtle differences in user behaviour between web and mobile applications.

Web applications

Anything is possible

With the introduction of Progressive Web Applications in the last few years, the gap between the available functionality in mobile and web apps is smaller than ever. Nowadays it's possible to implement very rich user experiences within the browser.

Thanks to our years of experience in web app development, our design team is capable of leveraging the latest trends and features to give users the best experience possible.


All about data

The best dashboards are those which look simple no matter how complex the data being presented is.

We have designed many dashboards with that mantra in mind, always with excellent results.

Website design

Responsive mobile and desktop design

With thousands of different devices and screen sizes, designing for the web means your product should have a responsive design that looks beautiful and functional no matter which devices your users have.

Design systems

The building blocks for your platform

When starting a new project, it’s helpful to begin with a library of the components that will make up the design. These are the building blocks of your digital product which can be combined to create more complex interfaces.

This approach improves reusability throughout the design, and helps plan for better reusability during the build, improving efficiency and consistency in both areas.

We have the experience to know what makes your users tick and what will make them want to come back to your product. Contact us for a free discussion about your design project and see how we can help.